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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Aberdeen Township Planning Board Gets New Member

Aberdeen Township is filling one new At-large slot on its Planning Board this year, according to Res 2011-1 of the Council agenda for 4 January 2011. The Public Works Department representative and the Council representative are to be reappointed to one year terms.
  • Akin Awofolaju is to be appointed to a Class IV (At-large) four year term (2011-2014). This gentleman is very likely identical with the owner of this impressive online profile. It appears that he is replacing Casie Connolly, whose four year tour was to have ended 31 December 2010. Other current at-large board members (and their terms) include Peter Cusumano (2008-2011), Concetta Kelley (2010-2011), Robert Swindel (2009-2012), Pedro Mirabel (2010-2013), and William Shenton (2010-2013).
  • Robert Brady is to continue in his Class II status (Head of Public Works Dept) for another one year term (2011). He has been appointed since 2008,, when he replaced James Lauro.
  • Councilwoman Margaret Montone is to continue in her Class III status (Council representative) for another one year term (2011). She moved up from Class IV (At-large) in 2010 to replace Fred Tagliarini when he became Mayor. She started as the Board's Alternate No 1 for a two-year term in 2007, then was appointed to fill Mr Tagliarini's unexpired Class IV slot (2009-2011) when he became the Council representative (Class III) in 2009.. Ms Montone became a Councilwoman the following year and was named to the Board's Class III slot, which Mr Tagliarini vacated to claim his ex-officio Class I status as Mayor. Ms Montone was replaced in her At-Large role by Concetta Kelley, who previously served as an Alternate.
  • As Mayor, Fred Tagliarini serves as ex-officio head of the Planning Board (Class I). He replaced David Sobel in 2010.

Here is a set of links to most if not all the annual appointment resolutions from the past five years to the Aberdeen Township Planning Board:
The web page for the Planning Board is needing a serious update. It is always nice to know who is serving in the various positions. It would be nice if the update could include terms.

Also, since the Planning Board is only providing online agendas (no minutes), perhaps a complete roster could be provided at least annually in agendas, at reorganization and any other time the membership changes? It would make historical research a bit easier down the road.


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