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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Interesting Distractions for a Snowy Day

I saw this amazing video of undersea volcanic eruptions on the news and thought I would share it with you.

And what are the chances of having a white Christmas where you are? Here is an interesting map with statistics for cities and towns near you.
CommunityWalk Map - What are the odds of a White Christmas?

And did you know that your bank account has more numbers starting with 1 than 2, and more starting with 2 than 3, etc? And did you know that auditors can detect fraud simply by using a formula that looks for these percentages? I was really surprised by what I heard in the Numbers podcast from NPR's Radiolab. I am a regular listener to this show, which is produced locally by WNYC. One podcast typically consists of four separate but related stories. I recommend that you check WNYC's schedule for the time of its weekly radio broadcast or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

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  1. I wasn't really expecting much when I first read the title, but I was shown up!
    The fact that this happens all the time shows how unstable the earth's innerds are!
    GO GEOTHERMAL!!! Generate power from the oldest fission reactor (the core), best of all you have 6300km of rock sheilding you!