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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

News Updates as of 8 December 2009

  • Several athletes from our area competed on Sunday at Kean University's opening indoor track and field meet, which was held on Sunday in New Haven, Connecticut . Vincent "Vinny" Schifini (MRHS), of Cliffwood Beach, and Maria Moya (MRHS), of Matawan, participated in pole vault, while Joseph Badru (StJV), of Keansburg, did the high jump. The men's team finished in 4th and the women in 7th. Check the school's athletics page for details of the event and a photograph of Maria. Click here to see the full men's roster.
  • Readers of Chowhound are starting to ask about Ganga Asian Bistro, the new sushi place on Route 34 taking the spot once operated as the Pea Pod Chinese restaurant. I imagine the online discussion will make some progress by early next week. So far people are still chatting about the pretentious name of the place. No one claims to have tried the food as of this moment. Let me know if you drop in. Or join the discussion at Chowhound. It's a fine site for the latest scoop on local eateries.
  • The Times of Trenton offers high praise for Matguard, a Middletown, NJ company that makes a line of sprays and wipes that athletes can use to prevent skin diseases. Tom Bunge, an MRHS wrestler in the late 1970s, is president of the company.
  • 2 Chicks With Chocolate is a budding new ebusiness virtually located in our area. I found the CEO in a business blog called Carleadbest. She was discussing the effectiveness of offering free chocolate samples -- a wonderful concept I must say. I'm all for it. Oh, but I think she only offers them to corporate clients. The chocolates look yummy, so get out your wallets.
  • New Jersey is beefing up its effort to take drunk drivers off the road this holiday season. Over the Limit, Under Arrest began yesterday and runs through 3 January, according to a press release out of Trenton. Make sure you make arrangements for a designated driver, a taxi ride home, or a place to stay before you start any holiday drinking. How do you look in stripes?
  • Jim Lauro is retiring as Public Works Director and looking ahead to elected service on the Aberdeen Town Council beginning on 1 January 2010. The Township issued a proclamation on 4 December honoring his 42 years of public service.


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