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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

History: Joseph Rose (1809 - 1877)

Joseph Rose, a prominent businessman and Democratic New York City revenue official, relocated to the Cliffwood section of Matawan Township in 1860 after an infirmity brought an early end to his hectic city life. He had purchased a farm in Cliffwood about 1832 and owned a large home on County Road, so he and his family were well acquainted with the Bayshore. He is recognized in New York City history for playing a role in the purchase of Central Park. Local history in Matawan recognizes him for selling the land used in the development of Rose Hill Cemetery. He served one term as a Monmouth County Freeholder representing Matawan Township.

Below are some research notes on Joseph Rose and his wife and children:

Joseph Rose was born 25 Oct 1809 in Manhattan, New York, son of Joseph Rose, who was born in 1768 in Manhattan, New York and died on 21 Nov 1852 in Matawan, according to notes at Find-A-Grave.

The 1820 Federal Census includes a Joseph Rose in the 10th Ward of New York, NY with a male less than 10 (Joseph Jr), a male 26-44 (Joseph?), and a female 26-44 (Joseph's wife).

He married Frances Stanton Willet on 23 Oct 1827, according to notes at Find-a-Grave.

The 1830 Federal Census includes a Joseph Rose, Jr in New Barbadoes, Bergen County, NJ with 1 male 20-29 (Joseph), 1 male 30-39 (?), and 1 male 60-69 (Joseph Sr?), 1 female less than 5 (?), and 1 female 20-39 (Frances). 

The 1840 Federal Census includes a Joseph Rose in the 17th Ward of New York, NY with 2 males under 5 (sons Joseph and George), 2 males 15-19 (laborers?), 1 male 20-29 (Joseph), 1 female under 5 (daughter?), 1 female 20-29 (Frances). There were 3 persons in manufacture and trade (Joseph and two laborers).

The 1850 Federal Census lists Joseph Rose, Jr (40 NY), a gun smith in the 4th Ward of Manhattan, NY with $8,000 in real property, with wife Frances S Rose (42 MA), sons Joseph Rose (15 NY), George Rose (13 NY) , William Rose (10 NY) and Cordelia Rose (5 NY). Also in the household was Mary Curran, of Ireland.

The 1860 Federal Census lists Joseph Rose (50 NY), a farmer in Matawan with $30,000 in real property and $6,000 in personal property, with wife Frances S Rose (50 MA) and daughter Cordelia Rose (15 NY). Also in the household were Thomas and Margaret Martin, farm laborer and servant, respectively, of Ireland. Also in the household weree Jacob Seal of Wirtemburg, farm laborer, and Mary Rose (18 NY), possibly another daughter.

The 1870 Federal Census lists Joseph Rose (60 NY), a farmer in Matawan with $35,000 in real property and $30,000 in personal property, with wife Frances S Rose (50 CT). Also in the household were three farm laborers and an elderly man named Clark Phelee (74 NY).

Joseph Rose died 4 Dec 1877 in Matawan, according to notes at Find-a-Grave.

His obituary appeared in the 8 Dec 1877 edition of The Matawan Journal. The text (as much as I could read) is found below:


     ---, one of the oldest residents of this township. For two or three days it had been reported that he was very ill; but so vigorous had he always seemed that few anticipated a fatal result. He had been complaining for two or three weeks, but was not confined to his bed until Friday last, and from that time he seemed to fall into a frequent stupor and unconsciousness, and died on Tuesday morning, 4th inst, at 9 o'clock. The cause of his sudden death was Bright's disease of the kidneys, and the rapid degeneration of these organs produced a condition of anemia which hastened his end.

     Mr Rose was a gentleman of intelligence, integrity of moral character, sociability and possessed of a very warm and benevolent nature. He began business in New York city in very early life, was married before he was nineteen, and growing up with the growth of the city he won to him very many friends by the close adherence to business, promptness in all his business engagements and strict honesty in all his dealings.

     While a resident of New York, he represented the city in the Legislature for one term and refused renomination. He was a Democrat in politics and a warm partisan. He served for two terms as Collector of City Revenue under Comptroller Flagg, and his integrity was held so high that on the election of Comptroller Haws, though politically an opponent, he was urged to remain in his position, and he continued as Collector of the Revenue until compelled by vertigo to resign. He, as occupying the above place, had much to do with negotiating the purchase of Central Park.

     He was an officer in the old City Guards and an intimate associate of Hon John Kelly, Judge Chas P Daley and other prominent men of New York.

     About 45 years ago he purchased a farm at Cliffwood and has ever since been the owner of the same. He owned the site of Rose Hill Cemetery and sold it to the cemetery corporation. That place is honored with his name, and in it is his family plot where his remains will be interred. For several years prior to his permanent removal to New Jersey his family spent their summers at Cliffwood. Shortly after the severe attack of vertigo that compelled him to give up a lucrative position and a profitable business besides, he removed in 1860 to his farm and has for the past 17 years resided among us, endearing himself to this community, and during the time represented the township for one term to the Board of Freeholders.

     On the 23rd of October last, only about six weeks ago, a merry company gathered at his residential home to join with him and his wife in celebration : their golden wedding. We referred then to the miniature sheaf of wheat overhanging their bed, less a symbol of ripening years. ---------- it becomes also the symbol of his having been gathered in by the great harvester, Death.

     Mr Rose will be missed not alone by his widow and large family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, but the whole community, and in his benevolence his loss will be keenly felt by many living in the immediate vicinity of his home.

     The funeral will take place on Monday next, 10th inst, at 1:30 pm, the long delay being occasioned that the youngest son, from Colorado, might be present at the funeral.


See also the 8 Sep 2013 article of the blog From Maine to Kentucky, which contains a rendering of the above obituary, along with images of the original text.

In 1853, the State of New York authorized the purchase of 700 acres of Manhattan for the establishment of Central Park. See Central Park History.

The 28 Oct 1893 edition of The New York Times carried the obituary of Frances Stanton Rose, widow of Joseph Rose. She died suddenly at Morristown, NJ in the 87th year of her age. Her funeral was to be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Matawan on 28 October at 11 am. Directions to take the train from New York were provided.


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