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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hanlon Sculpture Honors Sandy Survivors

We decided to have a decadent picnic of KFC at Holmdel Park this afternoon. Beautiful afternoon for an outing. As we sat down, we chatted briefly with a man stretching after a jog. Turns out he was Brian Hanlon, of Hanlon Sculpture Studio LLC, of Toms River. He was kind enough to totally approved of our indulgence. Then he told us he was on his way back home to New Jersey from Springfield, Mass, where he is the official sculptor of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He needed a break from the road and decided Holmdel Park was where he needed to be. As he headed out, Hanlon told us that his latest sculpture, honoring Ocean County families and what they endured in Superstorm Sandy, will be dedicated later this week in Toms River.

You never know who you will run into at the park.


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