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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whence Kiss n Ride at Matawan Station?

Long time commuters might think fondly on the days before Costera occupied most of the curb space. Once upon a time people used to pick up family and friends there. Today there were four cabs in front of the old white station building, so the closest Kiss n Ride spots were well past the building. There were two more cabs for good measure in NJ Transit employee spaces. It was like a taxi convention.

At least the Aberdeen side has a designated taxi lane. Maybe Costera lost some of its parking at home base so they're hanging out by the railroad now?

By the way: Who is responsible to paint the crosswalks and install those nice little State Law: Stop for Pedestrians markers? Those lots are a 3-ring circus, so someone should be making improvements before someone is injured or killed.


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