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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cliffwood Beach Park

It might be a good idea to put up some barriers to keep people from driving anywhere they want inside the Cliffwood Beach park. I saw three vehicles drive from the Whale Creek entrance, across no man's land and off the curb to the parking lot. And you can see from the photograph above that some people are having fun making ruts in the grass after it rains. A little investment in guard rails might do the trick.

The edge of Whale Creek has become a Skidoo launch and playground. There are always pick up trucks and jet ski enthusiasts at creekside. People have a right to have fun, no doubt, but they shouldn't be oblivious to nature around them. Loud partying, blasting radios, revving jet ski engines and shooting spray in the creek are making a nearby nesting pair of osprey very nervous. The level of activity seems more appropriate for the bay.

After last week's annual extralegal fireworks extravaganza at the beach, I'm surprised the osprey have stuck around.


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