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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Walgreens Adding Store Near Garden State Parkway Exit 120

We just can't seem to build enough pharmacies. Walgreens is building a new store in Old Bridge near the Pizza Hut on Laurence Harbor Parkway, just across the street from the CVS on Morristown Road.Why not? There's plenty of room, right?

Why do we need a new drug store? Perhaps the new store will be more convenient for those coming and going from the Garden State Parkway at  Exit 120? Exxon and CVS didn't seem to think so. That very spot used to be a convenient place to fill up your tank. And CVS moved from that shopping center years ago to where it stands now across the street.

Don't forget, though, that there are pharmacy departments in every local Shop Rite, Stop n Shop, A&P, Target, Walmart, Costco and BJ's Club. And, heaven forbid, we also have a Rite Aid in the area and several local pharmacy businesses. Of course, we had two drug stores on Main Street in Matawan before going downtown became passe. At least we still have the Matawan part of the Matawan Drugs sign to give us comfort.

Maybe the idea that we need a new store isn't even the question? Walgreens only had four pharmacies in the immediate area, while CVS had added a new store in Hazlet to bring its number to six stores. Could a little competition between major drug store chains be the actual reason for this new construction?

Need an aspirin? Shouldn't be an issue.


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