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Monday, June 2, 2014

Subway Seems to be Closed in Cliffwood

The owner of the Subway restaurant in the A&P shopping center on Route 35 seems to have closed his sandwich shop after less than two years in Cliffwood. The doors were locked today and the lights out. A lady saw me outside the Subway and told me there was a sign pasted to the door yesterday saying they have gone out of business. I tried their phone a few minutes ago and it is still working. The corporate website still lists the place. But they're gone.

Sandwich chains are biting the dust, one by one. The Quiznos sandwich shops disappeared in Union Beach and Middletown. And we're seeing the same thing happen to Subway - the Old Bridge shop in the CVS shopping center off Morristown Road, the Hazlet shop near Friendly's, and now the Cliffwood operation.

I know some folks detest fast food outlets and that's fine. But Subway is moderately priced and careful choices can give you a healthy meal.

Lucky for us, V&F Pizzeria is in the same Cliffwood shopping center, just down the sidewalk from the old Subway, and they have great subs. They also are having a nice sale on large pies. Trattoria Rustica in Matawan also makes a great sub.

If someone hears what will replace Subway in that spot in Cliffwood, add a comment here.


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