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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

History: Wash Jackson, Cliffwood Beach, Arrested for Breaking and Entry (1931)

A store owner named James Johnson, Atlantic Avenue, swore out a warrant that Wash Jackson, a 19-year-old Cliffwood resident, and Clarence Taylor had broken into his store and stolen $150 and cigars and were seen by Lewis James as they exited the store. Taylor reportedly fled to relatives in Virginia to avoid arrest, while Jackson left town only briefly and was captured upon his return. According to the 11 Sep 1931 edition of The Matawan Journal, Jackson was out on $500 bail awaiting the results of a grand jury.

The 1930 Federal Census showed Washington Jackson, Jr, age 17 NJ, and five younger siblings living in in the Cliffwood Beach household of his parents, Washington and Mary Jackson, both 40 years old Virginians with Virginian parents. Wash and his father were both laborers at a local brick company.

The witness, Lewis James (38 VA), was a coal and ice laborer living in Keyport in the 1930 Federal Census.

I didn't find James Johnson or Clarence Taylor in the 1930 census. And the venue of the crime isn't mentioned.


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