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Saturday, January 5, 2013

History: Matawan Garage, By Train Station (1911 - 1924)

The Matawan Garage, which was located across the street from the Matawan train station at 17 Main Street, advertised in the 22 Sep 1921 edition of The Matawan Journal. It was operated by D. S. Martin. Its telephone number was 12.

David was the son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Martin. His parents married about 1881. Jerry was a farmer and Elizabeth reported 6 of 7 children still living when they were enumerated in Lurgan, Franklin County, in south central Pennsylvania in the 1900 Federal Census. Ten years later, when the Martins were enumerated in Hopewell, NJ in the 1910 Federal Census, Jeremiah was a house carpenter.

David S Martin, born 28 Sep 1898, was living in Old Bridge when he registered for the draft in WWI. He listed his occupation as mechanic.

The 1920 Federal Census showed David Martin, age 22, born in Pennsylvania, as head of household at 83 Main Street in Matawan. His wife was Helen, age 18, born in NJ. His 6-month old daughter's name was Esther. David was a machinist at a garage.

In the 1930 Federal Census, David was still at 84 Main Street. His occupation was road contractor. Helen and Esther were in the household, too.

The 1940 Federal Census showed David and Helen living at 287 Main Street in Matawan. David was a coal retailer, working from his "own yard."
Source: Wikimedia

The 14 Sep 1911 edition of The Matawan Journal contained an ad for the Matawan Garage on page 8. The garage, which was selling the Hupmobile, was not associated with David Martin at this early date. (The Hupmobile was guaranteed for life, btw.) The earliest placement of this ad seems to have been in the 1 Jun 1911 edition.

The 1 Apr 1915 edition of The Matawan Journal contained an ad for Matawan Garage showing it to be under new management. Samuel C Towler. The same ad appeared in the 22 Jul 1915 edition.

The 1910 Federal Census showed Samuel C Towler, age 38, born in Virginia, African-American, living on High Street (near the train station) along with his wife Susan (37 VA) and son Clarence (12 NJ). Samuel and Susan had been married 13 years. He was working in a livery stable.

Source: Wikimedia
There's a gap in ads between 1915 and 1919.

The garage was advertised on page 4 of the 29 May1919 edition of The Matawan Journal and on page 6 of the 25 Dec 1919 edition. Both showed D S Martin as proprietor and owner.

The garage was selling Overland Automobiles on page 3 of the 18 Jan 1924 edition of the newspaper.


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