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Thursday, December 27, 2012

JCP&L Needs to Go

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, we had a power outage in Cliffwood Beach. My power backups beeped in the middle of the night to warn me that the electricity had failed, then those batteries died. My house grew cold by morning and I had to get candles out to get around. In the end, my power was out for about six hours and I missed a day of work.

My neighbor was outside with his dog and witnessed the outage. He heard a loud pop and saw the street lights in the neighborhood go dark, so he called JCP&L to report the outage. They challenged his account, noting that no one else had called (at 4 am). Then they warned him that filing a false report would result in a large fine.

JCP&L is obviously not working to improve their public image or customer service. In comparison, Optimum Online called and sent an email apologizing for the outage of service we'd experienced. I never heard anything from the electric company. Perhaps it is time that JCP&L found a new line of business and got the heck out of New Jersey? We couldn't do any worse.


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