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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bank of America to Close Cliffwood Branch

The Bank of America is closing its banking center at the A&P grocery store on Route 35 in Cliffwood on 22 February 2013. The local branches of BOA were once operated by Franklin State Bank. The Franklin branches were bought out by Summit Bank and then by United Jersey Bank. The UJB branches were acquired by BOA. Before the Cliffwood branch moved into the grocery store as part of a major A&P renovation, the bank was in the building where the post office is today. All that parking in the back used to be a series of drive-thru lanes. Let's hope another bank will move into the grocery store space being vacated by BOA. Cliffwood customers can use one of the area's other BOA branches - on Main Street in Matawan, Route 34 in Aberdeen, Middle Road in Hazlet, and Maple Place in Keyport. I'm unhappy with the branch closing and will likely move my accounts to PNC Bank.


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