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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Cliffwood Beach

Hurricane Sandy is heading our way. A tidal surge will bring water up into the usual places in Cliffwood Beach. During Hurricane Irene, the tidal surge destroyed the dunes at the beach, covered the roadways around the park and filled the lower part of Greenwood Avenue. I don't recall what happened to Beach Drive but I assume it saw some flooding too. They're calling for up to an 11 foot surge plus wave action. Strong winds could bring down trees and branches and take down power lines.

Check the Weather Channel and Channel 12 for the latest on this massive storm.  

Check Aberdeen Township's Hurricane Sandy Advisories page for the latest announcements from local government officials.

Check my article from last year when Hurricane Irene was on the way. It tells you how to look up flood zone maps for Cliffwood Beach at FEMA. Establish what zone you're in to determine whether your home is vulnerable to flooding from this storm.

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  1. need to know what time deep water hit Cliffwood Beach,nj Raritan Blvd