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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aberdeen and Matawan Inspectors - 2012

Matawan and Aberdeen have inspector rosters at their municipal websites. New Jersey also has an online roster for municipal inspectors current as of 22 June 2012:
  • Building Inspector (Sub-code official): John T. Quinn (M); John T Quinn (A)
  • Electrical Inspector (Sub-code official): Nick A Fabiano, Jr (M); John T Quinn (A)
  • Fire Inspector (Sub-code official): John W Borden (M); Robert S Debold (A)
  • Plumbing Inspector (Sub-code official): Robert A Nelson, Jr (M); John E Palmer (A)
Below are their total earnings as New Jersey public employees in 2011, according to DataUniverse.All had multiple jobs in the state.
  • John Quinn made a total of $144,558 at two jobs in 2011, $106,186 with Aberdeen Township and $38,372 with the Borough of Matawan. Quinn serves as Aberdeen's Director of Planning, Zoning, and Development and the township's Construction Official. As Aberdeen's Construction Official, Quinn has two technical assistants: Paula Ramsay ($35,427) and Joann Huza ($39,649).
  • John Borden made a total of $117,960 at four jobs in 2011, earning $83,475 at his main job with Marlboro, plus $14,377 at Matawan, $9,356 at Colts Neck, and $10,752 at the Monmouth County Hall of Records.
  • Robert Debold made a total of $103,037 at two jobs in 2011, earning $63,288 with Aberdeen Township Fire District #1 and $29,749 with Aberdeen Township.
  • John Palmer earned $99,179 at six jobs in 2011, earning $36,316 with Long Branch, $23,199 with Aberdeen,  $20,632 with Eatontown, $9,684 with West Long Branch, $9,348 with Oceanport, and $0 with Matawan.
  • Nick Fabiano made a total of $25,337 at two jobs in 2011, earning $14,009 with Matawan and  $11,328 with Deal.
  • I found a Robert A Nelson in Datauniverse records for 2011, but he only worked for Colts Neck. Perhaps he is new to Matawan?
UPDATE: When I wrote the above piece I didn't realize that Matawan had a Fire Prevention Bureau with a Fire Official named Glenn F Turner who also conducts CO inspections. According to his calendar, Mr Turner is scheduled to inspect the First Presbyterian Church next week. Let's hope it isn't a follow on to the lengthy and so far unproductive series of visits by the Borough's electrical inspector regarding the church's new solar panels. (See Red Tape Blocks Solar Energy in Matawan at The Patch) One could reasonably come to the conclusion that the Borough had something against the church. Someone from The Patch ought to drop by the church on July 10th at 10 am to see how things proceed with the fire inspection. Oh, Mr. Turner was paid $30,845 by Matawan last year.

UPDATE: The fire inspection went quite well. A Borough councilman accompanied. An electrical inspection is due soon, hopefully to finalize the solar installation.


  1. I am not sure about that list. In the Boro, a Fire Official listed at the web site, name of Glenn Turner does the inspections.

  2. Thanks. I added an update to the article. Didn't realize there was a separate fire official handling COs in the Borough.