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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Tight Squeeze in Cliffwood

The 25 Jul 2012 Aberdeen Township Zoning Board agenda included an item related to a request for variances for a forlorn property at 79 Monica Street in Cliffwood. A single family house was first proposed for this property, just off Rose Street, in 1987.Affordable housing was planned for the spot in 1999. Both applications were abandoned.

Typical of Cliffwood variance requests, the property is too small for what they want to build. The lot is only 4,325 sq ft, 2/3rds of the required 6,000 sq ft minimum size in our town. Keep in mind that a quarter acre lot would be 10,890 sq ft; this postage stamp sized Cliffwood lot is only one-tenth of an acre.

The builder-owner is the Real Estate Development Group of NJ LLC. Build Zoom says the company is based in Asbury Park and has license number 13VH05063600. Bizapedia says the company, based in Freehold, filed with the State of New Jersey in 2008 (filing number 0400262195). Inquiring minds want to know more about this developer.

I was unable to attend the meeting Wednesday night, so we'll just have to check the minutes when they're issued to see what happened with this application.


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