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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Low Tide at Cliffwood Beach, May 2012

I went down to the bay Saturday afternoon at Cliffwood Beach to see if there was a beached sailboat there, as reported in a comment on this blog earlier this week. I didn't see anything. Perhaps it was removed?

I snapped a few pictures while there. It was low tide. There were signs that the horseshoe crabs had come and gone. And there are signs that the bay is eroding the sand bank covering the old pool.

Horseshoe crab at low tide on Cliffwood Beach, NJ

Low tide at Cliffwood Beach, looking westward from seawall.

Low tide at Cliffwood Beach, looking eastward along seawall.

Signs of erosion near old pool at Cliffwood Beach seawall.

Wild flower on access road off Greenwood Avenue


  1. there was a wrecked sailboat there after the hurricane last august, it was there and it was still attached to a part of the dock that came along with it....last week i saw it drung down to the end and they had two dumpsters there full of driftwood too but when i was there sunday all was gone

    1. Phew! Thanks, Cassie, for validating. I'm at that age, you know....flashbacks or early onset alzheimer's both, are clear possibilites. That must have been some job breaking up that boat, it was pretty big.

    2. it was there here is a shot of my groups beach cleanup day,u can see the bottom of it behind the group of girlscouts http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.216880311694597.46912.100001178891866&type=3#!/photo.php?fbid=347800021935958&set=a.216880311694597.46912.100001178891866&type=3&theater

  2. Perhaps it was at Cliffwood Beach in Old Bridge. I never saw it in Aberdeen, and I'm down there quite a bit.

  3. Hi, that was me who saw the boat...I swear! It was big and wooden, painted green on the bottom and lying on its side one morning at around 9. I saw it as I drove by. The next morning when I drove by it was gone, I really don't think I hallucinated it! or maybe, flashback from the 60's? ...nah! It was there! : )

  4. I believe you. And I won't judge your flashbacks. ;-)

    You said you drove by and saw it. I presume you were on Lakeshore and saw it in that gap between the seawall and the dunes. I wonder what the story is behind the beaching and the retrieval. Anyone know the story?

  5. That boat was at Cliffwood Beach in Old Bridge. The boat was moved next to the old pool by the town and cleaning crew(orange jumpsuit convicts). Also removed was two 20 yd dumpsters of debree.