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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bagelicious Relocates to Cliffwood

Bagelicious is moving from Route 34 in Matawan to a storefront on Cliffwood Avenue at Route 35. I'm glad to see a business fill one of the vacancies in that small shopping center in Cliffwood across from A&P. It'll probably grab some of the breakfast business from Wawa and Dunkin Donuts. They're also going to get their share of the local lunch business, too.

I dropped by the old site last weekend to pick up some breakfast bagels and they were closed and apparently dismantling some things. There was a big truck working on the roof, a trailer backed up to the doorway., and a handwritten sign in the door urging customers to visit their new location. I suspect that location was too slow for them, and for Rita's Ices, too.


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