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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brookdale College Board of Trustees - Mar 2012

The Monmouth County freeholders selected two new members for the BCC Board of Trustees on Thursday, per APP. David Flaherty and Charles Karcher are filling the vacancies left by the resignations of Howard Birdsall and Simon Bosco in May 2011 and Nov 2011, respectively. A third member, due to replace Lewis Anderson, is to be selected sometime in Apr 2012. (Anderson's tour on the Board expired in Oct 2011 and has been tentatively extended until a replacement can be found.)

All but the newest board members are described in New Jersey's 2011 Institutional Profiles.

Based on the college website, the board of trustees consists of 13 members, including 2 ex-officio members (the college president and the county schools superintendent), 2 gubernatorial appointees, and 8 county appointees. The appointees volunteer to serve four-year terms and are often extended in their positions. Each year, the graduates select a peer to serve a one-year term as Graduate Trustee.

The current board:
  • Lewis G Anderson (since 1999) *
  • Brian Butch (Vice Chair) (since 2005)
  • Lora U Campbell (since 2011)
  • Jacob S Elkes (Chair) (since 1996) *
  • David G Flaherty (since 2012)
  • Sarah Lucille Jones (since 2005)
  • Peter Kapsales (since 2009)
  • Charles Karcher (since 2012)
  • Richard M Maser (since 2002)
  • Alec Moran (Graduate Trustee) (since 2011) *
  • Maureen Murphy (Ex-Officio, College President)
  • Joseph Passiment, Jr (Ex-Officio, Acting Monmouth Co Superintendent of Schools)
  • Joan Raymond (since 2001)
 * Expected to leave office in 2012.


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