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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacation of a Portion of West Concourse

This Tuesday's Aberdeen Town Council agenda includes an amendment to the Revised General Ordinances of the township that involves the "vacation of a portion of West Concourse". Curious about this oddity, I wrote to Councilman Greg Cannon. He explained that Lori Ann Kenny, of 38 West Concourse, is absorbing a twenty foot strip of township land between Lot 341 Blocks 10 and 11. It seems that the surveyor who revised the official tax map in 2001 erroneously included the township land in her lot and block. Mr Cannon explained, "Because she has paid all her taxes and taken care of the land and because the township has no interest in paying to maintain the narrow strip of property and has no use for it, we have agreed to vacate the property and officially deed it to Ms. Kenny. In return, Ms. Kenny will pay all the legal fees and transactional costs to become the legal owner of the strip of land. Also, we will place a restriction in the deed prohibiting future subdivision given the merger."


  1. That's interesting. I seem to recall someone else in town who got thousands of square feet of property from the township and highway authority and he wasn't given a deed restriction.

  2. That is odd, I wonder if they "place a restriction in the deed prohibiting future subdivision given the merger" on other pieces of property that gets vacated. Property gets vacated frequently, and I wonder how many of those people later subdivide the land and put up two houses, etc.

  3. In this case, the sliver of land isn't sufficient to subdivide anyway, seems to me. I see the resolution as a generally positive thing for the resident and for the taxpayers.

    The easement might have been originally meant to permit township or public access to Treasure Lake off West Concourse. I asked my neighbors along the lake why there was no development of the lakefront for public access and they expressed concern about the public wandering about behind their homes. Keeping the place natural is fine by me as well, but it certainly doesn't keep the kids off the ice in the winter or teens from hosting bonfires and who-knows-what in the woods year round.

    While doing this research, I noticed that Google Maps has numbered the houses using an 800 series base for their estimated dwelling numbers. In other words, there is no 38 West Concourse on the map. As I recall, there are numbers like 852 and 848, etc. The computer places a marker on the map, but it is in the wrong place. I submitted an error report to Google. I'll post if and when they fix it as they will allegedly write me when they've done so.

  4. No, I meant that when added to the original land, the homeowner can the sub divide the now larger property into two lots, demolish the existing house and then build 2 new houses.

  5. the property isn't big enough to sub-devide when added to the original land.