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Friday, July 16, 2010

Cops in Crosswalk to Put Brakes on Violations to New Law

The NJ Office of the Attorney General has issued grants of $8,000 each to selected police departments across the state to begin a federally-funded summer enforcement program that aims to get NJ drivers to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, according to a state press release.

Drivers have been required to stop for pedestrians in NJ since 1 April 2010, as reported in this blog several months ago. We've had several deaths resulting from pedestrians struck in crosswalks over the years, so Aberdeen and Matawan residents should appreciate and support this new law.

Expect "Cops in Crosswalks" to begin in Red Bank, New Brunswick, and Piscataway very soon and run through September.

By the way, no one seems to mention which federal agency provided the funding for these state grants. When I searched "Cops in Crosswalks" on the US DOT website, the search engine asked: Did you mean "Corps in Crosswalk?"


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