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Monday, February 22, 2010

Living in Matawan - NY Times

The New York Times ran a nice piece on living in Matawan in its Real Estate section last week. There is a slide show, too, with 10 nice photos of Matawan in the snow. You have to struggle a bit against the Sotheby's ads in the slide show, but it's a small price to pay.


  1. Nice article. Interesting how the mayor brought up the transit village. Seven years later and we haven't seen one sign of any progress on it. Disappointing.

    Downtown looks awful as well. Matawan is a nice town, but could get a real gem if they ever get something going on the transit village and create a nice atmosphere downtown. The town is so run down looking. Can't they improve the facades of the buildings? Improve the streetscape? Help the business owners with improving the signage on the stores? Neon signs? Come on!

    Why would I or anyone open a store in downtown matawan considering the way it looks right now?

  2. I was briefly involved in an effort back in the 1980s to get a YMCA exercise club and pool project going in Matawan. Some of the local business owners came out to encourage the project along. Discussion even then was about upgrading Main Street. At the time there were some properties along Main St that folks thought had environmental hazards that could become a huge expense if they were "discovered". It may just be a "let sleeping dogs lie" issue? Same with the old Cliffwood Elementary School building? Does it still have asbestos in it? How about the glass plant property? Money for potential DEP cleanup could be the problem.