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Friday, February 5, 2010

Aberdeen Expecting 7" - 10" of Snow

Most everyone in town is bracing for a major snow storm that is heading north towards Aberdeen and the rest of northern Monmouth County. It has been the subject of conversation for days. It started my day today on the CBS Early Show, even though the broadcast was coming from sunny Miami. Since I got home today, I've been watching News 12, a New Jersey centered news broadcast. Their meteorologist received an email from Manahawkin about 7:30 pm saying the flakes had just started there, to give you some idea of where it is. Weather reports suggest the storm will be fully involved by 3-4 am and we'll have 7-10" of snow by the end of the storm. You won't have to travel south very far to find snowfalls of 1 foot, 1 1/2 feet, or more.

Grocery stores are packed as people fill their refrigerators in anticipation of being stuck in their homes tomorrow.  I ran into a woman at A&P who was buying cookies for dunking. "That's all I really need. I bought candy yesterday. I'm set." When she told me she'd brought paperwork home from the office to take advantage of being stranded by the weather, I said, "The heck with work! I brought the Super Bowl home with me and plan to catch up on that this weekend, along with a few beers." Not to be outdone, she told me she knew little about the game but had some serious money on it. She added that she planned to get into something of a Christmas Club at work for next year's game -- $10/week towards the pool. Now that's a serious cookie dunker.


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