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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on Area Restaurants as of mid-January 2010

The Asahi Japanese steak house looks like it is finally ready to open, filling the void left by the closing of Macaroni Grill on Route 35 in Holmdel. The lettering of their sign was lit red tonight. It looks like they've acquired a website (www.asahiholmdel.com) but it hasn't been activated yet.

The Zebu Forno is closed in Holmdel, irrespective of what they may say on their website. Someone told me a while back that the shopping center forced them to stop selling pizza, because it competed with the Italian restaurant in the corner. Maybe they just couldn't make a go of it without selling pizza?? Hoboken 411 indicates that the Hoboken branch of Zebu abandoned its franchise and became a Brooklyn Bread store recently. Freehold was still operational as of last month, as Santa visited in December and there was a New Year's Eve celebration, according to Twitter. And I don't see anything on Red Bank Green suggesting Zebu in their town has closed. What's going on with the Zebu franchise? Does anyone know what business will take their place in Holmdel?

The Subway restaurant near the CVS at Morristown Road and Cliffwood Avenue is still closed. The Subway in the Dunkin Donuts shopping center on Route 35 N next to Friendly's in Hazlet is also gone. Where is the nearest Quiznos or Subway now?

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  1. There's a Subway in the Park Plaza, er, plaza on rt 34, near Big Ed's, as you go from Matawan towards rt 9.