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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Triumvirate of Trimming and Tending

Matawan, Aberdeen, and Keyport are reportedly forming a committee to coordinate municipal services like grass cutting, landscaping, and snow removal, according to APP. Hopefully that will save some budget dollars and so encourage our local leaders to find yet more ways to consolidate services as time goes along. If you'll remember, an effort at the state level last year to force the consolidation of boroughs with the doughnut townships surrounding them received a rather cool reception and was expected to be pigeonholed by the incoming governor.

Frankly, I am happy to see any movement at all and offer kudos to the incoming administrations if what I read is true. Of course I don't expect the pols will ever consolidate municipalities to such an extent that fewer Council seats become available. Let's not get carried away.


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