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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hudson Trail One Day Will Cross Garden State Parkway

The Hudson Trail doesn't really "stop" just north of Church Street in Matawan and resume at Lloyd Road and Clark Street in Keyport. It's just sitting dormant, with quite a bit of work to be done before that section can be opened. One day it will cross the Garden State Parkway, passing through Aberdeen Township. Check the images on Google Maps, especially the crossing at the Garden State Parkway. Contact the county freeholders to press this issue.

Below is a map of the Hudson Trail, south to north, viewable in three sections. The straight line from bottom left to top right in each picture is the Hudson Trail, both open and closed sections.

Hudson Trail at Matawan (1 of 3)

Hudson Trail at Aberdeen (2 of 3)

Hudson Trail at Keyport (3 of 3)


  1. What's the hold up? I don't understand why they don't just finish the trail. Seems like nothing in this town can get down.

    1. As I said, I think this issue rests in large part at the feet of the Monmouth County freeholders. No doubt the cost of fixing the trail is beyond the capabilities of the local governments, especially in this economy. The bridge on the south side of the GSP looks damaged, from what I can see on the Google Maps website. Someone told me recently that power crews had to use the tangled trail to access downed lines after the Hurricane Sandy, and that mess was one of the reasons for major delays in getting our lights back on around here. So perhaps there is an infrastructure argument to be made for completing the trail? If so, maybe there could even be state aid to get this done? I'm all for getting this done quickly. If funding isn't the issue, perhaps fears that the project will intrude on residents' privacy is to blame? If someone knows what's causing the delays or what the plan is to get this open, please post here.