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Friday, July 2, 2010

Township Seeks to Purchase $3 Million in Equipment, Vehicles

Aberdeen Town Council's 6 July 2010 agenda includes several bond issues for the purchase of a total of approximately $3 million in municipal equipment and vehicles. Nearly a third of the total is to be directed to sewer and water, while two million will go for communications, signals, and information technology and vehicles. CME Associates has been selected to provide engineering services for the Route 35 water main crossing project. The Council also plans to go into executive session to discuss "Potential Litigation - COAH & Negotiations."


  1. They just rightfully cut the school budget and now this? What are they thinking! Three million dollars in these economic times? Where is the town budget?

  2. I'm wondering about the state of communications, signals and information technology. $2 million? hmmmm.... I'm thinking $2,000 for a computer, double that for the routers, software and servers, "maybe" add $500 per machine for on-site support? Or are they laying T3, or Optical cabling to a 2nd or 3rd site for redundant back up?

    I don't think we had that many employees to buy $2 million for computers. And the folks I meet... um.. seem to do a lot better with pencils and rulers. Perhaps its really for "vehicles". A couple humvees? Bulletproof police vehicles? A ladder truck equipped with water, a computer station, and bullet proof glass and SWAT accessories?

    Just having a little fun. However it would be very nice to know details. The agenda item descriptions are officiously vague. I feel like I'm dealing with the monolithic USSR, rather than a little ole suburban municipal budget.