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Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 National Night Out

Aberdeen is joining the 2010 National Night Out on 3 August, according to a Township news release.

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  1. Taking for granted that the general populace was aware of the "National Night Out" (NNO) can lead to interesting, and sometimes mutually beneficial relations with the neighbors.

    I naturally assumed that the neighbors, never unfriendly, would likely have friends over, with gallons of Carlo Rossi Red, White and Rose wine readily available. So when hubby and I pulled up at 8 pm at our house from work and saw the neighbors across the street sitting out front with wine, we saw it as the thumbs up go ahead to visit. We didn’t really know them very well, and figured this was an ideal time to become better acquainted.

    So we went over, and a quick chat turned into an hour and a half visit. Of course, we were immediately offered (and accepted) their wine, and they dutifully and graciously scrounged up some additional chairs for us to sit in. After a wonderful time, as we were leaving, my better half mentioned how well the National Night Out had turned out for us. At which point our neighbors puzzled faces preceeded their confession that they had no idea what we were talking about.

    I’m not sure if I’m more embarrassed about insinuating myself into their lives, or pleased at my gregarious skills at learning more about those amongst whom I live. I just asked when the next NNO date was so I could be sure and reciprocate and was told “That’s it until next year.” Until then, I will have eleven months to come up with ways in which to show what a great neighbor I am, rather than the mooch I fear I appear to be.