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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News Updates as of 12 January 2010

  • The South Amboy train station has had a major renovation. If it's been a while since you've been by, you'll be amazed at the wonderful new station and well appointed parking lot. The Suburban recently featured a story on this $46 million project. NJ Transit also issued a press release.
  • The Matawan Student Enrichment Program (MSEP) will be offering new computer and art classes for youngsters on Saturdays, according to The Independent. The Spring 2010 session begins 6 February. The deadline for registration is 27 January.
  • We visited Maloney's Pub this weekend to sign up for the DKMS Americas bone marrow registry on behalf of Brian Wecker, Jr. I was glad to see the place was full, partly because of the registration drive, but also because of the Jets wild card playoff game. Brian's father lives and works in Old Bridge. Wednesdays are karaoke night at Maloney's, in case you're feeling full of song. (Maloney's website is no longer active for some reason, so I've removed it from the listings on the right. Someone kindly let me know if and when Maloney's restores its website and I'll put it back.)
  • We can all sigh a sigh of relief that Ed Burlew isn't a Cliffwood Beach resident. He's been thoroughly tested and found to be from Keyport. Oddly, Bolte had his her (oops!) mother file a formal complaint back in July that Burlew actually lives in his late mother's house and not in Keyport. Burlew has sworn that he lives in Keyport and the county is satisfied. Oh, but wait! Christian Bolte has launched a last minute petition drive to have the authorities determine for a third time where Burlew really lives.  Somehow 1 Corinthians:13 comes to mind.
  • Check out APP's Signups and Tryouts page for sports team registration opportunities. Amazing that it's so cold and blustery outside yet we are already facing deadlines for spring sports signups.
  • The Matawan Aberdeen School Board and the district's teachers are starting to draw lines in the sand as tensions mount between them. Race to the Top is an ironic name for a program that the district and its teachers cannot agree upon. I predict a strike if relations don't improve.

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