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Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake In Haiti - What Can You Do To Help?

Check out the local Red Cross disaster team's website for a long list of things you can do in response to the earthquake in Haiti. While volunteers don't typically go overseas to such events, you should consider joining the Jersey Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross so you can get trained to help in future US disasters. When there is a house fire in Monmouth or Ocean County and a family is on the street, the Red Cross DAT Team is there to get them a safe place to stay and something to eat. In the case of the humanitarian relief effort in Haiti, the volunteer effort in our area tends to focus on helping families with relatives and friends in Haiti, mostly in Asbury Park and Neptune, get information on their loved ones.

The First Presbyterian Church's blog site has been producing a number of articles on Haiti.

The White House website is also a great place to get information. Here is a video clip of President Obama in yesterday's news conference on the US response to the earthquake.  


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