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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inkanto: New Peruvian Restaurant Opening Soon in Hazlet

A new Peruvian restaurant is supposed to have its grand opening soon on Route 35 in Hazlet. I saw workers outside the front of the place today, so maybe it will be soon. The answering machine message sounds optimistic but isn't offering a date.

Check out the article in The Patch from back in June. I'm not sure what the delays are, but probably a few hangups with permits.

It won't be the easiest place to get to from Cliffwood Beach. If you take Route 35 South, you'll have to make the jug handle at Bethany Road and come back Route 35 North. The restaurant stands alone across from TGI Fridays in the place where Spirits used to be. Pass Hazlet Plaza then the place that used to be Dino's Fishery. It's on your right just after that. If you get to Yesterday's, you've gone too far.

Watch Chowhound and Yelp for clues to its actual opening.


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