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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

History: Matawan Theatre (1931)

A November 1931 brochure from the new Matawan Theatre. Showings were The Texas Ranger and Lover Come Back.

The 30 October 1931 edition of The Matawan Journal had two advertisements promoting the opening on Monday 2 November 1931 of the Matawan Theatre under new management. The Matawan Bank encouraged its customers to patronize their local theatre (and their local bank). And the theatre promoted its showings but also bragged that everything is new. "You'll be surprised!"

According to its advertisement in the 4 December 1931 edition of The Matawan Journal, the Matawan Theatre was "one of Jersey's coziest little playhouses." It boasted a Western Electric sound system. Films were shown six days a week, with a matinee on Saturday. This ad promoted the following upcoming showings:

Friday and Saturday 4-5 December

"Touchdown," with Richard Arlen, Jack Oakie, Peggy Shannon, J Farrell McDonald
and "Danger Island," with Kenneth Harlan and cartoon and news

Monday and Tuesday 6-7 December

"An American Tragedy," with Phillips Holmes, Sylvia Sidney
and "Shove Off," with Karl Dane, George K Arthur and the latest news

Dane and Arthur comedy shorts included an RKO Radio series (August 1930 - March 1931) and 4 films, including Shove Off, produced by Paramount (August 1931). See Karl Dane: A Biography and Filmography, Appendix B: Shorts.

Wednesday and Thursday 8-9 December

"Rich Man's Folly," with George Bancroft, Robert Ames, Francis Dee
and comedy and cartoons

According to the November brochure pictured at the top, tickets for shows at 7:30 pm and 9 pm were 40 cents for adults and 25 cents for children. Matinees were at 2:30 pm and cost 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children.


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