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Sunday, November 17, 2013

History: Old Hotel Building, Matawan (1875 - 1919)

The "Old Hotel Building" at 127 Main Street in Matawan had multiple spaces for commercial tenants. The current building at this address (above) may be the original; it remains a multiple tenant building.

Below is a sampling of the Old Hotel Building's tenants from the archives of The Matawan Journal between 1875 and 1919. Each item referred to the Old Hotel Building connection. More research is warranted.

Mealio & Sickels Co, Grocers (Source: 8 Jan 1876 edition of The Matawan Journal)

Sidney Walling has begun the work of making ready to remove his harness business to the store once occupied by Mealio & Sickels in the old hotel building. He has painted the front and is making other changes.  (Source: 21 Feb 1880 edition of The Matawan Journal)

Joseph Radl, harness business, replaced George Pfeifer and his barber shop. (Source: 5 May 1883 edition of The Matawan Journal)

Frank A Miller, harness shop (Source: 19 Sep 1891 edition of The Matawan Journal)

The Edward Farry Supply Company (Source: 19 Jan 1899 edition of The Matawan Journal)

Charles J Matz, custom tailor (Ads appeared between 14 Mar 1901 - 29 Jan 1903)

White & Bennett (Alonzo White, Jr & Ashley K Bennett), plumbing and heating (19 Mar 1903 -  3 Dec 1903)

Alonzo White Jr was in business alone, offering sanitary plumbing and heating services (Ads appeared from 1 Dec 1904 - 5 Apr 1906)

"Jacob Garber has taken the store and rooms in the old Hotel Building lately occupied by Charles J Matz and will continue his shoe repairing business there." (Source: 6 May 1909 edition of The Matawan Journal, pg 5 col 1)

W A Fountain, real estate agent and insurance broker (Source: 16 Sep 1909)

"Edward Healey opened a grocery store in the old Hotel Building on Main Street last Saturday. Harold Conover is clerking for Mr Healey out of school hours." (Source: 8 Mar 1917 edition of The Matawan Journal)

"The store formerly occupied by Alonzo White in the old hotel building is being renovated for Alexander Jacobs of Keyport, who expects to open a fruit and vegetable market there the first of August." (Source: 24 Jul 1919 edition of The Matawan Journal) Alexander Jacobs's father, Abram Jacobs, was in the wholesale and retail fruit and vegetable markets in Keyport and Matawan. Alexander was in charge of his father's Matawan business. (Source: 18 Sep 1919 edition of The Matawan Journal. This article announced Alexander's marriage at City Hall in New York earlier in the month.)


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