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Sunday, October 27, 2013

History: New Jersey Bell Operator Job (1957)

The 10 Oct 1957 edition of The Matawan Journal contained this advertisement seeking telephone operator applicants for New Jersey Bell:

30 DAYS: It's Jo Ann Lamberti's (left) first job. She's learning quickly the art of handling calls around the corner or around the world.

30 YEARS: The experience of chief operator Mrs Anne M Merchant (right) is invaluable in helping newcomers like Jo Ann become skilled operators.

Working together to bring people together. Youth and experience, like Jo Anne Lamberti and Mrs Anne M Merchant -- work together to bring you the advantages of modern phone service. Because of them you can be in touch with almost anyone, anywhere, any time.

It's a big job. One that keeps over 29,000 New Jersey men and women busy. And each year the team grows.

Would you like a telephone career? If so -- call your Chief Operator.



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