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Friday, September 27, 2013

Signs of a 2013 Aberdeen Election

Are two parties running for office this year in Aberdeen? The challengers seem to be so far up the back bench that they've fallen from their seats and down the back wall. Where are they?

Representation from both parties on the council would be a good thing but there's little chance of an outsider breaking into the currently exclusive club given the silence of the opposition. Certainly there are some deep pockets on the incumbent side, judging by the large wooden signs placed everywhere around the township -- there will be no change in engineering firm again this time around, that's for sure. But the challenge has not been laid out and it's too late to muster a fight now. There's plenty to want changed or done, but that argument will have to wait for some future election. Likely the railroad station and glass plant projects will still be works in progress next time round.


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