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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

History: Brick Worker Shot at Card Game, Lands in Matawan Hospital (1928)

The 21 Sep 1928 edition of The Matawan Journal included this short blurb describing the rough life of the Cliffwood brick manufacturing community:

"As the result of an argument over cards, Hugh J Ross, colored, employer of the Craigen Brick Company at Cliffwood, is in the Matawan Hospital with a bullet hole in his groin and his common law wife, Viola Wright, is in the county jail at Freehold, having been held for the grand jury, it being alleged that she fired the shot. The woman was arrested by the State police and arraigned before a Keyport justice. At the hospital it was said that Ross did not appear to be seriously injured."

I suspect that Viola wasn't playing cards with the guys. It's more likely that she shot Hugh in the groin over some indiscretion involving a woman. One can only ponder how someone could have been shot in the groin and not be seriously injured.


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