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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bank of America to Add ATM Kiosks By Bagelicious?

Bank of America has been in discussions with the Aberdeen Zoning Board with plans to erect ATM kiosks at 217 State Highway 35 in Cliffwood. The address seems to be that empty paved lot at the corner of Route 35 and Cliffwood Avenue, next to Bagelicious.

The same text has appeared over and over again in the agendas of the zoning board, but the blurb really doesn't make much sense. Does someone know what has been approved? An interpretation of the rules? Why the either/or structure of a memorialized resolution? Here's the wording of the final memorialized resolution, as it appeared in the 27 Feb 2013 Planning Board Agenda:

SP12-514 (rev)/Bank of America
Applicant: Bank of America
Property Owner: R. Deal Holdings, LLC
217 State Highway 35
Block 233, Lot 2

Interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance to permit construction of drive up ATM kiosks (tie vote), or in the alternative a Use Variance and Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval with bulk variances and waivers for construction of a phased development of two (2) freestanding drive up ATM kiosks and related infrastructure, lighting and site improvements. Applicant seeks variances for minimum lot width, lot depth, front yards (2), rear yard, minimum gross floor area, number of parking spaces, number of attached building fa├žade signs and sign setback, on property located in the Highway Commercial “HC” zone.


Bank of America has ATM machines inside the A&P grocery store across the street, but none outside. When that bank was Franklin Bank, it was in the building where the Cliffwood post office resides now. The parking spaces behind the post office used to be the drive-thru lanes. I guess the current bank couldn't get space for outdoor ATMs in the shopping center lot and had to opt for space nearby.


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