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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Subway Comes to Cliffwood!

Subway Store #54945 will be opening soon at 315 Highway 35 in the A&P Shopping Center in Cliffwood.

UPDATE (29 Jun 2012): The storefront has a Subway banner hanging across the window but the place is still completely empty. No doubt one day the corporate folks will arrive and set it up. These things tend to take a while.

UPDATE: (19 Aug 2012): The construction crew has been busy the past week or so at the new Subway location in Cliffwood. There is a dumpster in the parking lot and I noticed lights on inside today. The Subway website says the store will be opening soon. I'll bet it will be really soon. Take a note Subway: your zip code there is 07721, not 07747, as it says on your website. The Cliffwood Post Office (07721) is in the same parking lot with you.


  1. Great, just what we need... more processed meats and chemicals. Give us some Mom and Pop places!1

    1. I can see being concerned about nitrites, but you can enjoy lunchmeat in moderation. And I don't see why you think Mom and Pop stores will be better in that way. There's nothing magical about their deli meats.

  2. Screw nitrites.... at least you can get a good veggie delight with vinegar. Declicious

  3. Well Mom & Pop's is still better because you are supporting local business! Remember the days when you would go to your local mom & pop restaurant, and you knew who owned it... "Oh thats Bobby from Main St", there was a hometown feel. We now live in a world run by "the corporation" who doesn't give a crap about you.

    Take Starbucks for instance (like the one you write your blog in sometimes)... notice how they took out all the comfy furniture and how they throttle internet speeds and make it ice cold in there? They don't want you in there, they want you out to push units!!! A Mom & Pop place cares more about the people in their community, and while sales are still important, there is something called dignity in running your business... you welcome people to stay, feel at home, etc...

    Back to the food.... Subway is MASS produced... its got tons of preservatives and crap for shelf-life extension and to save money. And while yes, not every Mom & Pop place is organic, you can just taste the difference. Order a sandwich at Subway, then go to Park Place Diner and order a similar sandwich... you can taste the "corporate fake taste" in the Subway sandwich.

    So I say booo to Subway :)

    1. I appreciate your comments, but I disagree.

      If you talk to a nutritionist, she will discourage you from eating a lot of deli meats. They typically contain chemicals that aren't good for you to intake regularly. It doesn't matter if the meats are wrapped in deli paper or pre-layered on wax paper. You can indulge now and then. Just don't eat deli meats a lot.

      By comparing a fast food place with a diner, you've changed the argument a bit. Any sit-down restaurant is going to offer sandwiches with more meat. It might even offer deli meats from a more exclusive producer (but not necessarily). The cost will be higher at the diner. So your suggestion that "mass produced" sandwiches are less healthy than mom & pop sandwiches ignores the fact that they are all marketing deli meats on bread. You'd have to prove to me that Park Place isn't peddling nitrite-riddled hot dogs and pastrami.

      You may be able to afford diner food on a regular basis, but some people can't eat at a sit-down place very often. It's a bit elitist to look down your nose at fast food. People should eat better, I agree. Maybe you should be suggesting that people eat at home?

      You could have contrasted corporate Subway with local D A Subs. The meats aren't much different, but at least you'd be supporting a local mom & pop that deals in the same product. The cost of eating at D A Subs is a bit higher than Subway but less than a diner.

      Ultimately, there's a market for Subway, and people will indulge in their sandwiches. Subway will take some business from V & F Pizza, which makes subs right next door, and they might even draw some business from Bagelicious across the street. I'm not sure they'll affect McDonald's or Wendy's on Route 35 N.

    2. By the way, I don't think Starbucks is inhospitable, purposefully or inadvertently. All Starbucks change their decor periodically. I'm sure some customers like the changes and others hate them. They don't change their furniture or control the temperature with the intention to keep the customers from lingering.

      I always buy things when I go to Starbucks to write. I don't buy a small coffee and park for a couple of hours. I make sure they get a decent return on my time there. I like having a public place to spend some time online or reading, but I realize Starbucks is in business, not a public library. I encourage people to nurture their relationship with Starbucks by investing in a second purchase -- bag of nuts or a sandwich -- so this nice environment can persist.