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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NE Corridor Goes Down, Forcing Aberdeen Passengers to Find Alternatives

Power was down on the Northeast Corridor from DC to Newark from 8 am until nearly 9 am this morning. Hundreds of NJ Transit train passengers were sent away to find alternate means of transportation. A few of us sat it out on the platform or in the train until power was restored.

The commute has gotten more expensive but not more reliable of late, but once again I can't blame NJT. The Corridor is maintained by Amtrak, not NJT. And service cuts are Christie's doing. All I know is that my favorite NJT conductor was a real lifesaver this morning, alerting his passengers at Aberdeen that power was being restored so as to keep us from wandering off to "catch a Route 9 bus." I watched him make contact with fellow conductors to get the latest news and then graciously share that news with those around him.


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