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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aberdeen Area Restaurants Update - June 2010

Here's my occasional update on local restaurants.
  • Yesterday's Restaurant on Route 35N in Hazlet was pretty much destroyed as the result of a fire in March. The place has now been gutted as they proceed to rebuild. I've never been a fan of the place.
  • Park Place Diner on Route 34 in Aberdeen finally has its new sign. I like the signage on the building better, frankly, but the old sign at the street definitely had to go.
  • Rita's Italian Ices on Route 34 in Matawan is closed. Our choices for ice cream and Italian ices now include Ice Cream Palace and Ralph's Italian Ices (Aberdeen Shopping Center, Route 34 in Aberdeen), K's Brain Freeze (near corner of Route 79 and Route 516 in Matawan), Little Scoops (Stop & Shop Center on Route 34, Aberdeen), Carvel (Route 34 in Aberdeen), and Friendly's (Route 35 in Hazlet).


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