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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

News Updates as of 18 November 2009

  • Pop Warner football cuts into some high school varsity rosters, according to an article at NJ.com.
  • Kati Brower, a Matawan resident, is a museum educator at the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts in Madison, New Jersey, according to a news release carried in The Alternative Press. She also makes and sells handcrafted jewelry at a online business she calls C'est Tout.
  • According to its letter to investors, local firm I Green Innovations is having to respond to a flood of letters from its investors seeking clarification on its plan to change the company's name to that of its successful subsidiary, B Green Innovations.Along with the name change, the company has been moving to protect the value of its common stock by changing some stock policies and seeking to buy back shares. The letter spells out a series of positive developments with major corporations to retail the firm's popular Vibe Away product. Most of this information is not new and seems to be generally positive. The letter also mentions product development plans involving recycled plastic and flat composite bottle sheets, something I don't believe I've read before.
  • The First Presbyterian Church of Matawan is collecting items for holiday food baskets for local distribution. They are also taking orders for Christmas wreaths made at the Mission of the Eastward in Maine.
  • Check out Chowhound for recent reader recommendations to a new Matawan resident regarding area restaurants.
  • Tips after Sunday's America's Most Wanted netted a fugitive in Florida of a Sayreville 21st birthday party dispute-turned-shooting. The 2006 crime produced four victims from Matawan, Old Bridge, and Sayreville. See the full story at NJ.com.


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