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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jakeabob's Acquires Permits, Contractor; Promises to "Be Back Soon"

I took a drive to Union Beach tonight to see what the story is with Jakeabob's Bay, which was seriously damaged in a March 2010 storm. There's a Corona beer banner out front saying We will be back soon! By the door there is a sign for Artisan Home Improvements. Out front on the road is a dump truck belonging to Artisan Construction of Laurence Harbor. In the window there are construction permits dated 18 May 2010 and 8 June 2010 for dining room and deck repairs and suppression system replacement. There is also a dumpster/container permit dated 17 May 2010. The restaurant looks untouched so far but the owner's intentions are clear. I wouldn't expect the restaurant to be re-opening before Labor Day, but maybe before Thanksgiving?

Maybe The Independent or APP could do a story? Or the owner or friends could comment in this space or write the author? There is considerable interest in the region but there's been no reporting to date that I can find.

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  1. I was there in the early Spring, and I could have sworn I saw a sign saying they would be open with a date given of April 20-something, but then when I was over there in May, that sign was gone. In any case, I wish them well, and I hope they reopen soon.