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Saturday, February 2, 2013

History: Matawan Journal Applauds Red Cross Response to Hurricane Donna, Urges Reader Donations (1961)

The 23 Mar 1961 edition of The Matawan Journal (pg 4, col 1) urged its readers to give generously to the Monmouth County Chapter of the Red Cross after its herculean efforts to help the Bayshore after the previous fall's Hurricane Donna.

Help The Red Cross

Our readers are urged to respond generously to the annual fund drive of the American Red Cross, now, underway throughout most communities in the bayshore area. The drive is conducted only once annually when all persons are asked to contribute to this worthy service.

We, in the bayshore area, after living through the violence and destruction brought by Hurricane Donna last fall, know fully the helpful and timely aid and service rendered by the Red Cross through its Monmouth County Chapter.

Immediate assistance was given, not loaned or sold, to families in distress those who lost clothing, bedding, furniture, and household goods, due to the floods that accompanied the hurricane. Many of these families were lucky to have escaped with their lives in view of the speed at which the tidal flood inundated the low-lying coastal regions from Keansburg to Madison Township.

The Red Cross mobilized its volunteer and professional forces rapidly and were in a position to give aid immediately after the storm. This year, when you make your annual contribution, think of the many families, possibly your neighbors, who were assisted by the nation-wide organization which eases the burden of stricken mankind, the Red Cross.


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