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Thursday, February 7, 2013

History: Matawan Journal Advertisers (Feb 1908)

Here is a sampling of the advertisements that appeared in the 6 Feb 1908 edition of The Matawan Journal (pp 4-5).

  • W. D Bailey sold hardware in Matawan. His shop had recently suffered a fire, so he wanted his customers to know he could still fill orders if provided sufficient notice. "I wish to say to our customers, one and all, that notwithstanding our misfortune in burning out, we still have on hand a fair stock of doors, mouldings, trim, etc, in our store room and we think plenty of hot bed sash for all demands, and with a little more than the usual notice we can furnish anything in our line as usual."
  • W. D. Bailey served local fruit growers with tree sprayers and other supplies. "When you have to spray your trees come and look at the "Little Wonder" Standard Spray Pump, and get with it the formula for Spray Mixture. Also get your Maine Guano, Ground Fish and Potato Fertilizers. . ."
  • M. L. Miller sold men's clothing on the commercial block of Matawan. In this ad, there was an illustration of Sweet-Orr Trousers.
  • Trainer's Private School provided co-ed business training in Perth Amboy. The ad promised 100% placement for graduates.
  • Pearson Brothers was a shoe store on the post office block in Keyport.
  • D. E Mahoney's sold groceries.
  • Sift and Loesch offered blacksmithing.
  • Harry Blogett provided shorthand training in Long Branch.
  • R. F. Schock of Matawan was selling Goodyear elastic rubbers.
  • Moulton Manufacturing Co of New Brunswick was selling Moore's tiptop hoofdressing.
  • J. A. Walling's offered paints and varnishes, painting supplies and stationery on the commercial block in Matawan.
  • William A Fountain was a real estate and insruance agency in Matawan.
  • Alonzo White, Jr installed hot water and steam heating systems in Matawan.
  • T. S. R. Brown, corner of First and Atlantic Streets in Keyport, carried roofing supplies.
  • Duckworth and Britton, on the post office block in Keyport, were electricians.
  • Alexander H. Sands and Son, electrical contractors in Keyport.
  • George Walker installed stoves, ranges, heaters. He was successor of W. A. Fountain.
  • A. J. Cartan's Department Store.
  • M. A. White sold dried fruits, flours, molasses, syrups in Matawan.
  • Glenwood School of Business, W. Edward Lamb, principal.
  • Alfred Hardy, Morganville blacksmith.
  • John T Geran, heating.
  • Robert Armellino, shoemaker.
  • S. P. Tomkins, fire extinguishers.
  • W. A. Close, coal, lumber, grain, hay at Matawan railroad station. 


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