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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freehold Presses for Shuttle Bus to Aberdeen-Matawan Rail Station

Freehold Borough Council is pressing for shuttle bus service between Freehold and the Aberdeen-Matawan train station, per The News Transcript. I suspect it will be a while before any buses start rolling, but such service would be better than reactivating the Hudson Trail as a rail line.


  1. Disagree. Rail service to Freehold and points south is the solution to overburdened roads. What's good for the many is more important than the few...and your position is self-serving not taking into account what the county truly needs.

  2. Two points.

    1) Get Governor Christie to support public transportation instead of cutting state aid and then you can talk to me about laying more track in this state.

    What's the point of providing trains that people can't afford to ride? People who live along train lines are choosing to drive because train fare makes using a car an economical choice for many.

    2) Preserving natural resources is hardly self-serving or an effort that benefits the few. Seems to me that your plan to obliterate the Hudson Trail so you can get to work is the definition of self-serving. The Hudson Trail is exactly what this county needs.