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Friday, December 10, 2010

Search Is On For New Schools Superintendent in Matawan-Aberdeen District

The search is on for a new schools superintendent, according to The Independent. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District board of ed President Charles Kenny says a number of highly qualified candidates have already applied. At its recent meeting, the board solicited public input on what they are seeking in the new superintendent, but, as usual, attendance was sparse and public comments limited in scope. 

Perhaps if the special public forum had been better promoted a few more folks would have shown up? The BOE website has the 22 November agenda and the 8 November minutes posted, so how were people to find out about the extraordinary 29 November forum?  Maybe I simply missed the news?

It's great that board agendas and minutes are posted online and an RSS feed is available, but perhaps the BOE could also offer an email subscription service to distribute these items and extraordinary notices through email to residents and interested parties using a subscription feature at the MARSD website? The Township and Borough routinely send out their agendas and public notices by email at customer request. Not that the municipalities are drawing a huge crowd using this method, but I suspect more people are monitoring what's going on than it appears. MARSD should consider the service if they aren't already doing so.


  1. You can sign up for email blasts on the MARSD web site. I received 2 about the special meeting.

  2. I don't see such a service at the MARSD website. Maybe you could provide the precise url?