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Friday, December 17, 2010

King's Speech Still Not Available in NJ, Despite Golden Globe Nominations

What's with the film distributors not deigning to show The King's Speech in Central New Jersey? The preview, after all, says COMING SOON. I'd have to go to Manhattan to see it, despite the fact that it earned 7 Golden Globe nominations this week. I would have expected it to be showing at the Red Bank Clearview theatre or some place in New Brunswick. It's beyond annoying. IMDB Release Dates suggests that the movie went from limited distribution to wider distribution on 10 December, so where is it?


  1. The Kings Speech is playing in Montclair, NJ

  2. My wife searched for the movie in a variety of Jersey zip codes this morning and noticed the Montclair house showing it. It didn't come up in my search engine when I used Aberdeen as my hometown. Montclair is nearly an hour away from Aberdeen, per Google Maps. At least the flick has made it to Jersey.