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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Incredible Longbrook Robbery

Last Sunday morning, two masked men (one skinny, one fat) supposedly broke into a unit at Longbrook Apartments, accosted a sleeping woman at gunpoint, slapped her across the face, stole her purse, then successfully fled the scene, according to APP.


  1. Yup and lets layoff cops. Great idea Mayor Bucc

  2. How dare you! Supposedly? Are you kidding me? Were you there? Did you see the dog tracking the scent in the rain? Did you see the police all over the complex with automatic rifles? Did you speak to the neighbors who heard the broken window and heard the arguing but never called the police? What does supposedly mean? You must be another "Not in Matawan, Not in Aberdeen" Wake up and open your eyes.

  3. The details as presented in the newspaper just didn't add up for me and I expressed my opinion. You may have visited the scene after-the-fact and seen some police activity, but you have third-hand information about an event that you didn't witness. I don't believe that those neighbors, who did nothing to help the victim, subsequently provided you with reliable witness reporting. So you and I are actually in the same boat - neither of us really knows what happened. We only have an opinion of what happened.

    Much of the story in the paper came from the victim's personal recounting of events. You've chosen to accept that version of events. I'm dubious for now but more than willing to reconsider my position if and when more details become available.