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Sunday, December 5, 2010

History: Pitching In for Rose Hill Cemetery, 1974

Dedicated to Civic Leader
Game to benefit historic cemetery 

MATAWAN BOROUGH A Softball game dedicated to Mrs. Genevieve Donnell, former borough councilman who died earlier this year, will be played 8 p.m. Friday at the Middlesex Road Little League Field.

Proceeds of the game will go to the Rose Hill Cemetery, one of Mrs. Donnell's favorite community projects.
Ellie Strother

The Recreation Commission will have Ellie Strother, president of the Ravine Drive School PTA, on the mound.

The mayor and Borough Council will field a team with representatives of the Conservation Commission, Historical Society, and First Aid Squad.

Also participating will be representatives of the girls' softball league, Pop Warner football, Little League, and the Republican and Democratic clubs.

According to Victor Fabrovic Recreation Commission chairman, the player who contributes the most in monetary penalties by striking out or hitting the ball over the fence will receive a trophy as most valuable player.

Source: The Independent, 3 July 1974, page 11

Note 1: Not a bad way to get the community together to support a local cause. Later editions of the paper contain mentions of benefits conducted on behalf of the cemetery friends. Multiple indices of the gravestones at Rose Hill Cemetery were produced in the wake of this wave of support for this historic cemetery in our midst.

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