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Saturday, May 8, 2010

MAPL Trustees Fine Tune Posting of Agendas and Minutes

The Matawan Aberdeen Public Library Board of Trustees will post agendas of upcoming meetings and the approved minutes of previous meetings at http://maplminutes.blogspot.com/. The minutes that were posted last week were removed but should be re-posted soon. So far all that is up there is the 5 May 2010 agenda.

It might be better to create a place on the library's website to keep separate files for trustee agendas and minutes rather than posting them on a blog. Most municipalities and many libraries post distinct files for each document. A blog is like a diary, recording things chronologically, so it's very nature discourages the posting of older versions of the minutes and agendas.

I'd like to see the library's minutes and agendas have a spot not only at the library's webiste but a link at both the borough and township websites. For example, Aberdeen already has a page for the library board, so a link to view minutes and agendas would be an easy matter. Matawan has a link to the library's website but doesn't have a page for the library board as far as I can tell, but it could be easily added. I'd like to see at least a year's worth of agendas and minutes posted on the site, more if available in electronic format. Related documents, like publicly available financial statements and statistics produced by or for the board, could also be posted in the Library Trustees area of the website.


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